Monday, October 11, 2010

Where's the climax??

In almost all ways, my job is ideal. I am blessed to serve women and thier families outside of the hospital. I am able to develop relationships with these families over time. I help support anf guide women through childbirth....and can specialize in hands and knees waterbirth by candle light! I get to do all of this AND have a predictable schedule that allows me quality time with my family.....

However, that doesn't mean there are no hitches! Being with a woman and her family for hours and hours is tiring, requires intense focus, makes everybody sweaty and is all consuming....but sooooo worth all the work, especially when that little one enters the world. Sometimes, in my job, I am with a woman for hours and hours...and then it is time for me to go home and pass her care on to the next midwife. While I am always grateful for the relief, it can be difficult to leave. Recently, I had the realization that it is a little like sex....but with no orgasm!!! All the build up and then no release> That is frustrating!!! I am trying to learn how to deal with these times of the perverbial "blue balls".......any suggestions???


  1. LOL proverbial blue balls!

    Just remember that the end is no more important than the journey... the journey is where lessons are learned!

    It helps to have utter faith and partnership in your sister midwives, so you know you are passing the birthing family onto someone who cares every bit as much as you. Work towards a very strong and united team!

  2. Also, remember that every birth has a lesson for every mother (and every midwife, just as much!). So if, by the schedule, you're not meant to catch that baby, then there is reason you're not meant to catch that baby! Everything, everything, everything, happens for a reason.

  3. I am blessed to have a great family of sister midwives...many of whom were my teachers as well. I am grateful that they have accepted me into their "family". And yes, many of most valuable lessons have been learned at labors where I didn't "catch".