Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ina May

Well, what can I say other than Ina May? She is in town now and I was able to see her twice. Once at the Colorado Midwives Association conference and then again at an open Parent's Night. We are all so blessed to have her knowledge, humor, passion and compassion in this world. She is so was a great 'battery charging' opportunity. It is always good to remember her Sphincter Laws:
They are shy
They don't obey orders
They do respond to praise
They open better when owner's mouth and jaw are relaxed and open
They open well when owner is smiling or laughing

These rules appear so simple, yet in our culture they are so easily forgotten.

Yesterday was actually the third time that I have had the pleasure to meet and hear Ina May. The first time was at a Midwifery Today conference. It was when I was taking my first tentative steps on this path and it was remarkable. The second time was also at a Midwifery Today conference and I had just finished nursing school and was getting ready to enter midwifery school. It too, was amazing. (And at that conference I had the fun chance to 'boogey' with her at the evening festivities....that was a blast...and she has some moves on her!) So, yesterday I meet her again, this time as a new midwife. I had to have a little 'groupie' moment and tell her my (very brief) story and of my previous times in her precense. She was gracious and congratulated me on my path...what a treat!

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