Thursday, May 20, 2010

waking up....

Attempting to go to bed when on call.....somewhat tricky. It takes a bit longer to fall asleep...was that the phone?....did it make a noise? it still on and the battery charged?....better check it again. Ah, finally asleep and the dreams start....a Mama calls and says her water broke and there is a foot in her vagina...another Mama calls and says she is having trouble sleeping....another calls to ask if she can still wear panty hose. Then, beepbeepbeepbeep the alarm jolts me awake.....o my gosh!!! what calls did I miss?...did something happen to my phone in the night? it on and the battery charged?.....yes, all is well and there were truly no calls all night...or was there? Something about a baby needing panty hose when the water breaks???


  1. LOL! These dreams will fade, I do promise you! Everything will get easier, more comfortable, less adrenaline depleting!

  2. It is starting to get better...starting....