Wednesday, February 9, 2011

never a dull moment...

Of course, its not only about catchin babies. I have to admit that I do have the "baby catching bug" and it was originally what brought me to midwifery. However, I definitely love the rest of my job as well.

Clinic days are often fast and never boring. I love meeting with our families for thier prenatal visits. I am blessed to be in a practice where I am able to spend time and get to know our clients. Meeting families for thier very first visit and welcoming them to our practice. The postpartum visits for the new families...the 2 day, the 1 week and the 6 week...being witness to the transformation of the mothers and fathers and family. Preconception visits to help women plan a healthy pregnancy from the very beginning. Well woman and contraception visits to help women learn about and take control of thier health and fertility. How can I not love this work? never a dull moment and always fulfilling....sometimes exhausting!...but worth every minute of it!


  1. so worth every minute! i can't wait to be there (well, i can and i can't...) and experiencing the beginning of those lifelong relationships with women.

    the clinical experience is wonderful, but the "real" midwifery life, i think, will be mindblowing, in such a lovely way :)

  2. Mind blowing is a good way to put it! I had always expected the birth roller coaster...but all the other things have been great too.