Thursday, February 17, 2011

its always something

Clinic is never dull! Last week, we had a day of SROM (spontaneous rupture of membranes) checks...when a Mama thinks her water may have broken, so she comes in for us to verify one way or the other. Something was in the air, and tricking ladies into thinking their water broke, cause none of them were. I had one lady tell me she never thought that hearing she had peed her pants would be good news! Ah, pregnancy and the sheer glamour of it.

Today, I wrote my first prescription for the NuvaRing! I know, kinda silly. Our client population doesn't usually vote for hormonal based contraception like the "pill" or "patch" or "ring", instead we do A LOT of IUD's, Natural Family Planning and diaphragms. But for this Mama is was just the right fit. We all had a chuckle that I had to look up how to write out the script.

Palpating a glorious 37 week belly and finding the baby to be breech...argh! Supporting the family through this discovery, encouraging and educating about the options...positional interventions, acupuncture, external version. And talking about what happens if these things don't work. We are blessed to have an OB in our area who does vaginal breech births and I am eternally grateful to be able to send these Mama's his way.

Meeting all the soon to be big brothers and sisters. Having them help "check their baby" by holding the doppler and having them palpate that crazy belly. Meeting soon to be grandparents and reassuring them that the birth center is "legit" and alleviating their worries.

Having to tell a Mama that she has Gestational Hypertension and can't have her babe with us. Comforting her and her family, explaining why this means she "risks out" and what that all entails. Answering her questions and giving her lots of TLC.

never, never dull


  1. it *is* always something, isn't it?! xoxo...

  2. Yes, I view it as a blessing that in our calling, things never get hum-drum

  3. Hi Aubre,

    I love your blog! I'm an aspiring midwife - about to start an accelerated BSN, and it's so inspiring to read about your experiences. What a profound profession! Did you do your graduate degree through Frontier? Do you recommend it? Was it difficult to find your own preceptors?

    Thanks for taking the time to share your insights and experiences!


  4. Thanks Danielle! I am glad that my blog has been inspiring for you. Yes, I am a graduate of Frontier and I loved thier program.