Thursday, February 3, 2011


The labor can best be described as full of grace. The Mama was focused and serene in her power, her husband was loving. She progressed steadily and evenly, spending time in the pool, walking, on the birth ball and in the bathroom. While on the toilet, she started pushing and we were witness to a shining crowning bag of water, which eventually broke on its own.

At some point during the second stage, the baby had some difficult moments. It was a time when I had to pull out the "inner drill sargent" and strongly coach mama through some intense directed pushing and position changes. Baby was talking and telling us that the birth time needed to come sooner rather than later. It is interesting to me how, in times of stress like these, the mind can compartmentalize different thought trains. In my heart, I knew that this mama and this baby could do this and that we were safe in pushing through. I also knew that 6 months ago, I would have "called it" and taken them to the hospital. This was an epiphany for me and one that I have been pondering for days. During some of my musings I have been fearful that I was "cowgirling" it...felling too cocky and being unsafe. Other times, I have been proud of myself for staying the course and helping them through. I spent time discussing all these feelings with my fellow midwives. It is a fine line and one that, now, I feel I did not cross in this situation.

In the end, a happy and healthy mama and dad took home a happy and healthy baby....which is always the goal of course. It is crucial to learn from experience, but to not let that experience get the best you...always a balancing act....

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