Sunday, January 23, 2011

breathe, two, three, breathe, two, three...

One and two and three... release
One and two and three... release
One and two and three... release
One and two and three...release
Inflation breaths....come on inflation....come on inflation....I can hear the words as spoken by my NRP teacher....all is so quiet...except the and two and three...release

The labor had been so sweet, such a natural, instinctual process in a Mama who was strong and a partner who was so supportive...

Come on baby...come on baby...join us here...we are here for you...come on baby...
Breathe, two, three...Breathe, two three...Breathe two, three....
Heart rate is up now....join us little one...all is well and you are loved...

The room is so quiet, everything is in slow motion and at light speed, all at once. Just before birth, the waters had ruptured and there was meconium. The nurse and I got everything ready. The little one had been great in labor, so we weren't too worried, but being prepared is always good. As he slid out of his Mama and into my hands, I knew he needed help...dried, stimulated and no response....heart rate 80-90....

A breath!!! That was a breath from the little one, tentative but a breath!!! The arms and legs begin to flex, color starts to flood in...another breath, much stronger this time and then...the best sound in the world, a CRY!!!...Everyone in the room takes a collective breath and baby is handed up to the loving arms of Mom and Dad, the recovery goes easy as pie afterward. All of this happened in about 1-2 minutes....but seemed to last at least 1 year.

This is why we have trained and trained and trained and sat through hours of classes...this situation, to make the difference at these times. In the moment, my hands took over and I just did the drill, there was clarity in the steps and my focus was amazingly sharp. Afterward, is of course a different story, when out of the room I was shaking and tearing up from adrenaline overload. I give thanks and gratitude to all of my teachers along the way....thanks that through their guidance I was able to be there when this baby and family needed to be the midwife.


  1. thank goodness for that first little cry! always such a beautiful sound, especially when it seems to take days and days to come....!!

    sounds like you did awesome :)

  2. yes, the best sound is that cry. it is an experience that I am proud of, a time to look back and feel good. thanks.