Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Ask and you shall receive....

Kim is preparing to welcome her second child.  The room is full of love. Represented by friends and family members, the seams are bursting with it. Smiles are everywhere to be found.  Kim and her family had been at the birth center earlier in the day.  She was in early labor and had gone home to rest.  Now they were all back and eagerly awaiting the baby's debut.  Kim was in the pool, gracefully laboring.  Her husband was at the side of the pool, a strong reassuring force and source of support and comfort for Kim.  He was a true Papa Bear.  Kim began to push and soon she was crowning, then the head was born, pink and healthy.  But then, babe was held up, he seemed "caught", but not by his shoulders.  I calmly and firmly told Kim that she needed to get out of the pool.  The very next thing I knew, Kim literally rose up out of the water and over the side to the floor.  It happened so quickly that I was left behind, still crouching over the edge.  Hurriedly, I went to her and discovered the problem.  Babe had two tight loops of cord around his neck.  He was still pink, but wanted to be born.  The loops were so tight that they could not be uncoiled and I really did not want to clamp and cut them.  So, I asked for quiet in the room, which I instantly got and told Kim to focus.  We took a breathe together and I told her to push out her babe. With her push I guided the baby's head in toward her thigh and his body came out.  He was still wrapped up, so before she got off her hands and knees, I unwound him.  Soon the room was filled with the squeals of new life and joyous welcome.

How had Kim levitated out of the pool?  Her husband had literally, in one scoop, given me exactly what I asked for...Kim out of the pool!


  1. I love your birth stories Aubre! You write so beautifully! I would have been overjoyed to have had your help with the babes i birthed at the birthing center.

  2. Thanks Ladies! It is always so nice to get some feedback, it reminds me that I am not just spouting out to cyberspace.

  3. Definitely not spouting into cyberspace! I LOVE your blog. I recommend it to all my aspiring midwife/birth-loving friends. I agree with Leen, your writing is absolutely beautiful. Plus, I'm so impressed with the way you manage difficult situations. Weighing the midwife's instinct to not be intrusive but still always be safe and protective. I just applied to Frontier's CNEP (fingers crossed!!) and will continue to read your blog for inspiration! Thanks!

  4. Thanks so much for your kind words Danielle! It means a lot to me. Blessings, Strength and Luck to you on your journey! Of course, I feel that Frontier is the best choice...I am slightly biased as a proud alumni though.