Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Taking Her Time

Sweet baby girl waited 42 weeks for her birthday, then couldn't wait to make in to the birth center for her birth!  Her Daddy called me after his wife had one hour of labor.  They live a bit away, so I told them to go ahead and come in.  He called me back an hour later, giddy with excitement, to tell me his daughter had just been born in the car.  I could feel his joy through the phone line and it was contagious.  Everyone was healthy and well.  The only bummer was for me....I had really wanted to be their midwife!


  1. Wow! How crazy!

    And I wanted to write a quick Thank You for your blog. I noticed you haven't written for a few months. I hope all is well and that you will continue to share your story!
    It has always been my dream to become a CNM. Since graduating college I have applied to be a L&D nurse over and over again to gain experience. I took a different nursing job in the meantime, and two years later I have decided to go ahead and take the plunge by applying to Frontier. I have been reading everything I can to gain as much insight into birth, labor, and midwifery as I can since I can't seem to get into L&D. (No failed interviews.... just no interviews at all!) So I have been thoroughly enjoying reading your story. Thank you!!

  2. Krystal,
    Thanks for your kind words and support. It is always nice to hear that my words may help, in however small a way, another woman on this path. Congratulations on your choice to take the leap by applying to midwifery school!