Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tools of My Trade #4

The Birth Room
Since I work in a birth center, we have "set up" rooms, there are three in total.  This room is called the Tent room and was inspired by the book The Red Tent.  One of the biggest tools in each room is the pool, I love our birth pools.  (they are AquaDoulas)  We keep them filled and ready, so that whenever a Mama comes in, it will be ready for her.  Each room also has a bed...very few births actually happen in the bed, but they are where the new families get to know each other afterwards.  Sometimes, when the center is empty, late at night, I can go into a room and feel the echoes of the births that have past.  It fills me with a warm glow, I like knowing this and connecting with this current.  These walls are rich with history.

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