Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tools of My Trade, #1

Way "back in the day" before I started my journey
to midwifery, I was known to play and work with photography. Somehow, along the
way, I misplaced the photography bug. I had been concerned that it was gone
forever. However, much to my happy surprise, it has begun to re-surface. I am
going to be trying out an inspiration through the pages of this blog. The
inspiration is this....a photo essay, of sorts, to highlight some of the Tools
of My Trade. I decided to start the essay of with one of the tools that I always
have with me, ready and willing to serve my Mama's and their families, My
These hands caress, stroke and sometimes cajole
These hands inspect, delve and palpate
These hands are sometimes soft and other times are hard
These hands support and elevate
These hands act as babies on their way out, to women as they become mothers
These hands repair and cultivate
With these hands, I honor and act with grace, for all the women....


  1. Beautifully written! We were so honored to have those hands help bring our 2 angels into this world with so much kindness and support.

  2. Stunning photos and your words truly move me!

  3. Thank you so much ladies. @Amy, it was an that I hope to repeat ;)

  4. sitting here teary eyed with pride!
    Love you! Mom