Sunday, June 6, 2010

Morning Babe

Woke to a phone call this morning....a primip (first time Mama) is pushing....whew, jumped out of bed, ran through the shower, threw on some clothes and out the door, all in 15 minutes. That is midwife adrenalin for ya!

Got to the birth center in just enough time. Mama sitting on the birth stool with a bulging bag of waters crowning. Through the bag and the waters, I can see specks of vernix floating in the clear fluid. I can also see lovely dark hairs dancing and swirling, suspended in the waters, dancing in tune with the Mama and her birth rushes. For a moment, I am transfixed by the beauty. Then with a grand grunt from Mama, I am pulled back and place my hand on the babe's head...expecting the bag to break and flood me with a wave...but it doesn't budge. Instead, I apply some mild downward pressure and the babe is birthed, bag and all, into my hands. After working him out of his bag....up to Mama and Papa he went.

When a babe is born in thier amniotic sac, it is called being "born in the caul" and it has been ascribed many meanings by many different cultures. I have read several of these meanings and have found them all to be positive. The common associations are that this child will be a leader of their people, they will have the 'sixth sight', they will never perish by drowning, etc. (I would love to hear of any other known associations.) I think that we have many more of these babies at the birth center because we do not routinely break the bag of waters. Which then leads me to wonder...are we, by fostering gentle, honored birth, fostering a generation of visionary leaders?....


  1. Yes we are! Fostering a generation of peaceful , peace making visionaries.

  2. I've also heard it means the baby will become a midwife herself... but I guess that doesn't apply to the boy babies! :)