Thursday, January 1, 2015

Elemental My Dear

This work, the work of being With Woman, is elemental.

Conception is a spark, bright and warm, in the watery depths of the Mother. A spark fed by the eternal breath of the Creator.

The baby grows and develops in the dark, rich soil of the womb fed by the running waters of the Mother's blood.

Labor is a force of nature! It requires the passion of fire, the gentleness of water, the calm of air and the strength of earth. And let's not forget the Spirit, ever present and supporting.

As a midwife, the element that I most often channel is that of water. I am never exactly the same midwife for every woman. I am always myself (guided by Spirit) and bring with me my fundamental knowledge (supported by the Earth), have passion and compassion for my families and the work (fueled by Fire) and my critical thinking skills (through the lens of Air). However, it is as water that I enter each birth space. Each woman has her own song, her own path and will need me to adjust to her. Water takes the shape of the space it fills and that is how I enter; filling the space as needed. Water is soft, gently supporting and caressing, warm or cool depending on the need. Water is strong, clearing away obstacles and creating new paths. Water is quiet, whispering in your ear. Water is
booming, commanding attention when necessary. Water is my midwife elemental energy.

Midwives and Doulas out there...what is your birth element and why?....


  1. Or can you not pick just one? I am interested to see what the most popular or common element is?

  2. That's two for water, anyone else? Earth? Fire?.....

  3. Earth would be mine. Anything I do I wanted to be grounded in doing it.