Sunday, March 24, 2013


It was another three baby day...there is a joke at the birth center about my shifts and how they are always busy....

She was working on her first baby.  As such, she had been working for a while and was getting tired.  She asked to leave the birth center and go to the hospital.  Many Mama's ask this at some point in the process.  We support them through it, sometimes by distracting them as we did with this lovely Mama.  I checked her and she was 8cm, yay!  In the throws of transition, she still wanted to leave.  We loved her, distracted her some more and bought an hour...then she was ready at C/0.  She was so ecstatic to be at this place, that she (as a first time Mama) pushed her little one out in 16 minutes!  Each push was so powerful, she had decided she was done and wanted to have the little one in her arms.  She was at the point of crowning, I was talking to her about slowing down and simply breathing through the rest, when with the next contraction her beautiful baby girl just POPPED out into my hands!  She literally was crowning one second and the very next second a whole baby was in my hands and she was accompanied by a shower of birth fluids that anointed us all.  My nurse and I were so stunned, and we decided that it was just like the cork and fizz from a champagne bottle.  Baby girl was welcomed with the sounds of laughter and joy.


  1. Lovely Aubre! It's so inspiring to read your joyful/insightful birth stories. I've been enjoying them since you started your blog and am now happy to say that I was just accepted to Frontier's CNEP 113! Frontier Bound is in a couple of months..cannot wait! Thanks for regularly reminding me what I'm working toward.

  2. CONGRATS!!!!! Danielle, that is wonderful news.