Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tools of My Trade #6

Oh, the Hose!
I definitely have a love hate relationship with this hose!  I absolutely love our birth pools, they are amazing for women in labor, and fantastic for birth.  I do not, however, enjoy the management of the hose.  Our pools are stand alone, with no internal plumbing.  This is good for the prevention of bacterial growth and the ability to clean them properly between each woman.  It is not good for those of us that have to drain and then re-fill the pools.  This particular hose is the "dirty" hose and is used to drain the water out, so it is connected to a lovely sump pump.  Now, don't be fooled by the mild look of the hose and pump.  The sump pump can be temperamental and moody, the hose itself loves to get tangled in your feet and legs, all in all it is a tricky business....especially at 0200 in the morning!


  1. Has anyone else had any hose wrangling issues?...I'd love to hear some stories...

  2. Lynnette CPM SNMMay 15, 2012 at 6:40 AM

    Yes, I do. Connecting the thing to the pump. My husband figured it out, but one day, the contraption broke and it wouldn't attach. Well, we had the birth and now it was time to get the tub emptied and out of the kitchen. How did I know the contraption broke? I came apart during use and sprayed water all over the place! At least we were in the kitchen! Then, I know, yuck, I had to hold the hose onto the pump because I wasn't going to bail....I made sure that the connection was working next time, to be sure!

  3. @Lynette...Yikes! They sure are crazy contraptions. Hopefully, it was a quick pump so you didn't have to hold it for very long!