Monday, August 8, 2011


It should come as no surprise that this profession is hard...sometimes very hard. It can be exhausting both emotionally and physically. I am basically a baby midwife, and am comfortable saying that. One of my continual lessons, is how to maintain this path while still maintaining my personal health and the well being of my family. Balance is always an issue. If you have read this blog, you will know that it is a topic I often write seems to be one of my "things". So, last week I had vacation. Unfortunately, it was not an exciting one, more like a stay-cation and let's get the kids ready to start school. But, I was away from the birth center for the week....and I actually stayed away...which was pretty hard for me! It was good to be away and spend good time with my family and I am now glad to be back with the Mama's...

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