Sunday, July 4, 2010

in the tool kit

The first item that should always go in the tool kit of a midwife is HUMILITY and lots of it. After that, there are several things that we should keep on hand at all times.....

soothing words and touch
a change of clothes and toothbrush
humor and a couple good jokes
strong hands
a warrior heart
sharp senses

As I have newly been traveling down this path with women, one of the other things that I have had to cultivate is my 'inner drill sargent'. This is one item that I really have to foster and work on as it does not come as naturally to me and it is a crucial skill in midwifery. One of my favorite sayings is that "birth is made to work if no one shows up" and as a midwife, this is a truth that I hold dear. For the vast majority of births...I should not be needed, I should sit on my hands and observe and support. However, sometimes a Mama and babe need help and when this happens, a midwife must be able to take charge of the room and make things happen. These are the times that we are called upon and must act quickly.

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